Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wonder Right Where We Are

Wonder is one of our first senses and one of our last. When sorrow and loss sands away work, wealth, abilities, family, and friends, we still yet may dwell in wonder. When anger and grief and fear overwhelms us, wonder is a retreat, a reminder, our heart’s true home. Wonder is a retreat, but it is not a retreat from reality, a retreat from what matters, a retreat to a sheltered place. Wonder is a retreat into the present moment, raw, vulnerable, harsh, and holy. Sideshifting into wonderment answers our calling back to the wholeness that is. We are all mystics when “wow” comes unbidden to our lips.

Submitting to the wonderment is breaking our well-defended hearts open again to reverence, to the source of life, to the beginning of meaning-making, to the presence of grace, to the wow of where we are right now.

Wherever we go, there we are, but what there are we choosing to live in? Are we caught in the there of sickness or the there of work that will not stay within the confines of a regular day? Are we living in a state of wonder, where yes there is sickness, yes there is more that must still be done, and yes! there is laughter and yes! meteors arc across the glittering heavens and yes! surprising kindness persistent like flowers through cracks in the pavement?

Waking to the wonderment of right where we are is a practice and a choice. Pausing to savor the wow that we already belong to, that is going on right now, helps sustain us in times of difficulty and suffering. Sideshifting into appreciating those wow moments refresh and restore, but they also open our hearts again to greater kindness and greater creative possibilities for goodness.

Where are you today? 

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