Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prayer for Holy Saturday

This prayer and the other prayers for Holy Week appeared in the 2012 Easter Good News - you can get your free issue from the UnitarianUniversalist Christian Fellowship .

Holy Saturday/The Vigil

How long must we stay in the desert? How long in the absence of Love? Comforter of Comforters, do not leave us bereft surrounded by those who bay for our hearts, those who dismiss and disparage us, those who hunger for our humiliation. We regret how we have strayed from the way of love; we yearn to be once again in love’s presence, once again attending love’s teachings, once again free to rejoice, to give thanks, to join in blessing. Sing to us the songs of starlight and quiet waters, the songs of welcome and restoration, the songs that keep our hearts steady and bring us bread. Even here in the desert, love persists. Even here in the emptiness, love bears us comfort. Even here in the long vigil, love guides us. May it always be so. Amen.

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