Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Prayer & Blessing for Maundy Thursday

This prayer and the other prayers for Holy Week appeared in the 2012 Easter Good News - you can get your free issue from the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship.

Prayer for Maundy Thursday

How astounding is the Love that made me, welcomes me, teaches me, and calls me into the dance of wonderment! When I was broken, Love healed me. When I was bereft, Love comforted me. When I was cast down into the pit, Love brought me out. How can I not be humbled by such love? How can I not sing a song of thanks and give praise to such love? I sing praises for the love that strikes off chains and leads me into freedom. I sing in thanksgiving for love that has ever put an end to slavery and called us back to the heart of life with responsibility. I sing with gratitude, and, yes, with laughter for a love that challenges me to be more generous and more compassionate than I would rather be. I sing in praise of a love that does not forsake me, even when I turn away from it. How could I not rush to dance with such love, to serve with the Beloved in all my nights and days? Kneel down, my heart, and join the Beloved in making welcome all those unwelcomed and dispossessed. Strangers before and strangers still, yet we join our hearts and our labors through Transforming Love. May we tend one another with bold mercy and with courageous welcome, meeting each other as cupbearers to the Beloved, as keepers of hope, as the blessings the Beloved made us to be. Amen.

For the Maundy Thursday Water Blessing

Note: Not all of us have feet or can use them. The water blessing then is a way of welcome and honoring how we are made and live. Washing prosthetic limbs and bathing and blessing the wheels of wheelchairs and scooters and other mobility devices is just as much part of the water blessing as washing feet when we can present our feet to one another. What matters is blessing how we are able to move in this life, just as we are.

Bless us, Lover of Life, for the ways we move in this world, in our going out and our coming in, wherever we are and whoever we are. With this blessing, may we be bearers of blessings to others, wherever we go, however we find ourselves, your cupbearers and your dancers of courage, mercy, and love.

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