Friday, February 10, 2012

Prayer for Healing

Most Merciful and Most Compassionate, Healer and Comforter, bring us into the healing waters of daily life and wash clean our hearts of bitterness and despair and of rage and fearfulness. Fill our spirits with the hopeful wonder of what is possible when we keep keeping on with steadfast love, learning, teaching, trying, failing, and succeeding. When we descend into the pit of impossibility, draw us up with a sure and steady heart, into a community of risk faithers and athletes of mercy. You train us in the struggles and troubles of life. Help us encourage one another in what we can do, in letting go what we cannot, and in making sure every one has a chance to give what only they can give. Mercy and Compassion, you remember us in every moment; may we remember you, and give thanks without ceasing. Amen.

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