Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Wishes for the World

Santa Wishes for the World

Lots of us are harboring belief in the spirit of generosity and hope for the world this year. Here’s what others shared from Facebook & Twitter.

I always ask for the same thing: Peace on earth, goodwill toward all living things. That people live and *act* in love. – kristenmchugh22 (Twitter)

I'd ask for folks to have confidence in their own abilities while retaining humility and open mindedness. & Confidence in their own self worth. – mattkinsi (Twitter)

my santa wishes: that people will be more understanding of each other and view one another as brothers and sisters. – JarrzTalkin (Twitter)

Less stress and worry, more joy and peace for all! – lotusbat (Twitter)

Self Acceptance. Once that's achieved, accepting others becomes so much easier. – Tarliman (Twitter)

our dogs Santa Wishes: Kibble, squeakies, love, bellyscratchins and good homes for all shelter dogs, and then more squeakies. – lotusbat (Twitter)

I wish for the presence of mind to recognize the worth and dignity of every person, even when life makes it difficult to do so – jonfd (Twitter)

a peaceful blessed night – Jana Bowman (Facebook)

Greater mindfulness, patience, more joyful (not mocking) laughter _plainKate _ (Twitter)

Honesty, simplicity, love for the life we have – b_kelli (Twitter)

more self-confidence for me, more happiness & comfort for everyone. – ladyattercop (Twitter)

for conflicts to be resolved – 8ntfrogn (Twitter)

Forget the toys, bring compassion, warmth, housing and jobs. – Peter Bowden (Facebook)

for eyes to be opened to see that what we do, here and now, is in and to the Kingdom of God. –drgwbrown (Twitter)

A nice, long breath that brings with it some peace of mind and freedom from fear. – smithla8 (Twitter)

no more homeless people. Proper medical care for everyone in the US, regardless of class & citizenry. Health & healing for Haiti. – pokemom20 (Twitter)

What's your wish for the world this year?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I hear you’re keeping this list and checking it twice, but I’m hoping you’re kinder and more loving than that, and have something for every person who’s in need this year.

I’d really like for the people I meet who haven’t been able to find a job in two years to have the gift of work that pays a living.

I’d like the folks who’ll be struggling for a place to live, who are forced out into the streets and breaking into abandoned places to be given safe and accessible housing.

I’d like municipalities to wake up one morning soon and open government owned abandoned properties to people who need a safe and warm place to stay, including all those families living in cars I see parked around.

I’m also wondering if you could deliver to many stony hearts some of that world peace and loving of our neighbors at least as much as our selves so we could lay down our swords and shields and plant some fig trees and olives.

And I’d like to see us pay for more jobs in demining fields and harbors, in producing and fitting folks with needed prosthetics, and creating peace economies that heal and restore the earth.

This year I promise to do what I can and I’ll be waving at your sleigh passing over head as I brew some more coffee to drop off along with clean dry socks. Because I hear you like folks to be jolly and filled with the spirit of kindness not just now, but all the year round.

Thank you for all the ways you labor to create happiness and hope. I’ll be cheering the jingling bells as you go by, trusting you won’t forget to move the hearts of every person to help bring hope to this world.

With peace and hope,
Rev. Naomi King